Tending to Self through Change with Member Sage Wheeler

You run your own business, Sage Coaching, to support women going through transitions. What key message do you communicate to women going through changes or challenges?  

First off, this past year has thrown all of our nervous systems into varying stages of fight, flight, or freeze. Understand that we are our nervous system and begin with tending to your body. What helps you feel better? At first glance we think, “I don’t have time.” But repairing and building nervous system resilience allows us to be more effective at the same time we feel connected and–dare I say–joyful?! From that place our work is even more effective.

My work is grounded in the belief that we have a wise self that knows what’s needed and how to get there. I collaborate with clients to remove the obstacles to that wise self through nervous system support and healing, teaching tools to navigate our day-to-day (like tiny habits!), and being a thought partner to reframe our thinking about ourselves and situations. My sessions tend to the body, mind, heart and soul. It’s systemic healing!

How does your work and interests tie into what you do with WDN? Do you see overlaps in healing support and what you accomplish through WDN and through being a part of the WDN community?

I am a systems thinker and my work as a coach is the same as my work philanthropically. I support individual and group healing and systems change; both require a shift in consciousness which in the long-run will lead to the transformation we so desperately need. As we evolve as donors, we support organizations and structures to do the same.

Are there any other resources you want to share with readers who may be going through change, themselves?

I am co-hosting Grief Tending Rituals online. Inspired by the work of Francis Weller, author of The Wild Edge of Sorrow. Grief Tending Rituals make space for grief. As painful as it is, it is in the tending to our grief that we reconnect to our aliveness. You can find my contact at the bottom of the interview if you’d like to learn more.

You can also learn about creating sustainable and caring behavior change through the tiny habits method by joining this online free 5-day course (part automated and part live coaching via email) facilitated by me and other tiny habits coaches. It’s ongoing Monday to Friday, so join as often as you like. The tiny habits coaches are amazing and offer great suggestions.

Mothers Day is on May 9, how does the impact you create as a member of WDN honor your mother, grandmother, aunt or any mother figure in your life? Whose shoulders do you stand on?

Service was central to my parents, and my mother was powerful in her work. From her, I learned to dig beneath the surface of the events to understand what was really happening. As an adult, I have so much gratitude for the women mentors who have helped me become a coach. Their training and support have been instrumental in my work and in my own life.

Where can we connect with and follow your work?

This is the year I up my engagement through my portals (one tiny step at a time)! Stay tuned below:

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