Abortion Bridge Collaborative Announces Grantees

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Resourcing the Right People, Funding the Right Solutions

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund was created to ensure enduring access to abortion care across the United States, move money rapidly to build critical and emergent infrastructure, and protect and advance reproductive justice.

Using an open, grantee-centered common proposal and a nationwide nomination network, we are proud to share an update about our collective grantmaking: $850,000 in funding has been granted to three impactful organizations that center reproductive justice in their mission, values, and work.

Grants from the ABC Fund will be awarded to:

  1. Abortion Care Network: Abortion Care Network (ACN) is a strong and vibrant network of independent abortion providers. They serve 125 independent abortion care clinics in 38 states and over 85 ally organizations that are working on the ground across the country to ensure that abortion access is possible. Much like the clinics they serve, ACN lacks the visibility and name recognition of larger institutions in the movement. Funding will help ACN diversity its support base to be less reliant on large institutional and increase its organizational sustainability thereby working to maintain access to compassionate and dignified abortion care throughout the United States.
  2. Feminist Women’s Health Center: Feminist Women’s Health Center (FWHC) is a Black woman-led, independent, non-profit, multi-generational, multi-racial reproductive health, rights, and justice organization committed to a vision of accessible and judgment-free reproductive health care and abortion access in the South for all who need it. They provide direct services, education, advocacy, leadership development, and movement building with people across all axes of oppression, so that everyone has the rights, resources, and respect to make empowered, informed decisions about our own bodies and health. Funding will contribute to overhead expenses as well as project-specific expenses such as consultant support, community outreach, data collection, communications, coalition building, and supplies.
  3. West Alabama Women’s Center: West Alabama Women’s Center is a full-scale reproductive health center, and an approved Medicaid provider, offering a safe and secure clinic for those who are pregnant. Because abortion is illegal in Alabama and Mississippi, any person who is pregnant and bleeding could potentially be suspected of trying to terminate their pregnancy if they visit the local hospital. The Center provides high-quality, urgent assessments and treatment for those who are experiencing any type of miscarriage without the potential physical or legal dangers a pregnant person may experience at a local hospital. Funding will create healthcare opportunities for the most vulnerable patients in a state where Medicaid has not been expanded, Title X funding is restricted only to county health departments, and those who don’t have the resources to travel to Birmingham to access medical care.

Our focus is on centering BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, low-income, disabled, young, and other communities by: 

Solving for the Moment

Supporting existing and emerging programs or strategies that respond to evolving challenges, in response to state or local needs.

Building Capacity

Meeting newly identified and unmet infrastructure needs within organizations, including those related to building partnerships.

Supporting People Power

Addressing critical and emerging needs in staffing, particularly related to technology, infrastructure, or geographic expansion.

Amplifying Connections

Creation of information sharing or organizational hubs that better facilitate patient/client care.

Engaging the Experts

Securing short-term consulting expertise for organizations with needs around legal representation, digital or physical security, organizational reincorporation, or accounting – all critical for safe and effective service provision.

The ABC Fund is an initiative of The Women Donors Network (WDN), an organization with long-standing investments in the abortion access space and extensive networks within the movements for reproductive health and justice. With a record of successful and effective rapid grantmaking, we move funds faster than traditional foundations and leverage our nationwide donor network for collective action. WDN was made for this moment, and we are ready. Make a donation, today. Grants will be made on a rolling basis. If you know an organization that should apply, please share this request for a proposal with them. The fall grant cycle will close on November 5.

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