Community Agreements

At WDN, we commit to practicing the following:

1. We embrace the diverse perspectives and experiences in our community and stay open to new ideas, processes, and viewpoints. We see disagreements as an opportunity for learning, growth, and acceptance of differences.

2. We acknowledge that we all carry unconscious biases, and we commit to building and practicing strategies to counteract them.

3. We commit to creating a supportive, trusting, and inclusive community, where all are treated with respect and care. This includes members, staff, and invited guests.

4. We communicate clearly and listen attentively, including using “I statements” when sharing our perspectives and staying present when someone is speaking.

5. We promote a “both/and” approach in place of “either/or,” “right/wrong” or “good/bad.”

6. We recognize there may be a difference between our intentions (what we mean to say) and our impact (how it is received). We acknowledge and understand when our impact may be harmful or negative and seek to find resolution when needed.

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