Emergent Fund grantees speak out against FBI surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists

In response to a leaked FBI memo identifying Black civil rights leaders as “Black Identity Extremists,” who pose a threat to national security, Shanelle Matthews (Black Lives Matter) and Malkia Cyril (Center for Media Justice) penned a powerful op-ed in the Washington Post. They lay out the fundamental problem with this new label:

The FBI’s new designation sends a clear message to anyone, but especially to black organizers, who would dissent that we had better lay down and take it or else.

We can’t let this stand. Show your solidarity and share this important op-ed widely!

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WDN co-founded the Emergent Fund with Solidaire less than a year ago, and the Fund has already awarded more than $1 million to support frontline movement organizations like these:

  • Black Lives Matter received a grant to elevate the voices of Black activists in the mainstream media.
  • Center for Media Justice received a grant to train organizers in digital security and resisting surveillance.

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