Funding Where Democracy-Building, Grassroots Power, and Reproductive Rights Intersect

How do we continue sustaining long-term strategies and capacity-building while meeting the needs of the moment? In our final funding round for 2022, we granted $300,000 to three organizations at the intersection of civic empowerment, grassroots base-building, and reproductive rights (either because they have a reproductive justice strategy or because they’re building progressive power within a state most impacted by abortion restrictions). Two of the three organizations in this cycle are grantees we supported in 2021; we continue to commit to fostering deep, sustained investment so the organizations we fund can focus on the work rather than fundraising.

This round of grants was made by Participation & Representation For All (P&R), one of WDN’s three impact collectives. P&R is fiercely committed to fair representation and believes everyone must have equal power in our democracy. For more information, read about P&R’s funding strategy in our 2021 annual report, or contact us with questions on how to get involved.

Photo of a person in a blazer and a shirt that says "vote" speaking into a microphone and raising up their hand
Photo: Jojo Huck / @thephotojoj

Instituto Lab

$100,000 grant

Instituto Lab builds and sustains advocacy capacity among low-income and leaders of color in Arizona through leadership programs, providing capacity-building support, and incubating BIPOC-led community-based organizations.

Photo of three people with clipboards standing in a crowded area wearing New PA Project shirts
Photo: NPPEF

New PA Project Education Fund

$100,000 grant

The New Pennsylvania Project Education Fund (NPPEF) is dedicated to empowering Pennsylvania’s underrepresented and underserved communities of color, immigrant communities, and youth through civic education and year-round engagement to ensure full participation in the democratic process.

Photo of three people standing in front of a table with supplies holding up a sweatshirt that says our vote
Photo: North Carolina Black Alliance

North Carolina Black Alliance

$100,000 grant

The North Carolina Black Alliance addresses policy and economic issues facing Black communities. They develop and promote systemic policy change and youth and leadership development, and collaborate with strategic partners to enhance intentional collaboration within Black constituencies.

As our grantees gear up for 2023, we moved quickly to make this last round of grants. This final round of funding brings P&R’s 2022 grantmaking to over $1.4M and WDN’s collective grantmaking to over $12M. Onward to 2023!

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