Getting ready for WDN Connect 2014

We’re so excited to kick off our annual conference, WDN Connect 2014: Imagine 2030, this week!

This year we’re thinking big and imagining what our organization will look like in 2030.

Manuel Pastor will facilitate our pre-conference, a learning lab that will explore the different components of social movements and experiences from movement leaders. Organizers from the criminal justice reform, workers’ rights, reproductive justice, and voter mobilization movements will join us to share their wisdom on tackling structural barriers and creating lasting, effective change.

Our opening keynote will come from Angela Glover Blackwell, the founder and chief executive officer of PolicyLink, an organization that leverages public policy to improve access and opportunity for communities of color, particularly in the areas of health, housing, transportation, education and infrastructure.

To help us think about important trends coming into focus in the near future, we will have a series of short talks followed by facilitated group discussions. The speakers, some of the brightest and most influential leaders of the progressive movement, will discuss the major opportunities and challenges of the next 15 years.

We will celebrate Saturday night with our famous WDN night dance party and celebration. Music will come from The Party Monsters, a great Bay Area, all women’s rock band. Dance music will also come from WDN’s own Celeste Worl.

And we will wrap up the conference with an inspiring keynote address from Georgia Rep. Stacey Abrams, who is the House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly — the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African-American to lead in the Georgia House of Representatives. Rep. Abrams will speak to the need for a more reflective democracy and greater economic security for women.

Follow the conversation on our Facebook page, or on Twitter using the #wdn14 hashtag.

By Rachael Vasquez

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