Grantmaking Update: how is WDN taking action in defense of Black lives?

The Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd are the largest, most sustained protests in our nation’s history – and we are answering the call.

Together, we mobilized $4.9 million to the field in critical c3 grants in the first half of 2020. We are moving resources quickly and deepening our commitment to organizing and power-building. We are resourcing the leaders and the movements driving this transformational change:

Our strategy has always been bold, collaborative, and multi-faceted. This is more critical than ever in this historic moment: 

  • We are taking action in defense of Black lives and funding Black-led organizing that builds and mobilizes power.
  • We are resisting the assaults on our democracy by supporting voter registration AND protection in key states.
  • As abortion rights are under attack and worker safety is eroded, we’re funding frontline reproductive and workplace justice.
  • With the climate crisis looming, we’re investing in communities focused on a Just Transition and innovative community organizing.
  • While corporations are being bailed out, we’re funding a People’s Bailout with rapid-response funding through the Emergent Fund.

On top of our grantmaking so far this year, we’ve also mobilized $1.8 Million for the Reflective Democracy Campaign’s work in 2020.

We know that this is the moment we must come together and act, doing everything we can to make our long-term vision for the world a reality.


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