How to Fund Racial Justice Organizing


The recent events in Baltimore remind us, more than ever, of the need to support a strong and powerful movement for racial justice. Many WDN members already taken the Racial Justice Pledge that invites donors to expand their funding for community-based movement building efforts led by people of color. That Pledge has already generated $1.5 million in commitments.

Our colleagues in this effort have been developing other valuable resources to help fuel the collective effort in support of racial justice movement building.

  • In New York City, the North Star Fund has launched the Let Us Breathe Fund.
  • In Los Angeles, Liberty Hill Foundation has launched a Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice.
  • Bolder Giving is offering a three-series webinar program for donors to explore possibilities and challenges for giving to racial justice in an intimate and confidential setting among peers. This program is a follow-up to a webinar that WDN co-hosted with Bolder Giving in March, featuring our members Connie Heller and Cathy Raphael sharing their strategies for racial justice funding.
  • And, the Neighborhood Funders Group’s Funders for Justice site highlights a wide range of resources and funding needs.

The Women Donors Network has been convening our members – in Washington State, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, New York, Colorado, and California – to engage in a deep conversation about how racial justice relates to their individual and collective philanthropy. In June we will host a conversation in Boston, and in September we will go to Austin, Texas.


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