If white male electability is a myth, then why does it, nevertheless, persist?

Reflective Democracy Campaign Director Brenda Choresi Carter spoke to the Boston Globe and the San Francisco Chronicle in reaction to Elizabeth Warren ending her bid for Democratic presidential nominee. Carter provided analysis about the pervasive myth of white male electability and how it has played out during the current race for President. Spoiler, white men are not more electable than women or people of color: the data shows white women and people of color are just as (if not more) electable than white men. Yet, this myth is an additional barrier for non-white male candidates even before they begin to build out their campaigns and meet voters. The misconceptions over electability affect how people vote and how party officials, political donors, and other organizations shape the path to candidacy. In other words, the playing field is being stacked against non-white male candidates by their own parties and potential supports not because they can’t win, but because people think they can’t win.

For more information on the electability myth, read the full report at WhoLeads.Us.



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