WDN’s Immigration Circle Awards Grant to We Belong Together

100 Women, 100 Miles Pilgrimage For more information visit http://www.webelongtogether.org/

100 Women, 100 Miles Pilgrimage
For more information visit www.webelongtogether.org

This October, WDN’s Immigration Circle granted $40,500 to We Belong Together, a campaign to mobilize and empower women in support of comprehensive immigration policies that keep families together. We Belong Together is an initiative of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum with the participation of dozens of women’s organizations, immigrant rights groups, and children and family rights groups across the country.  

We Belong Together is a standout organization in the fight for women’s rights and uses high-impact communications to make clear that immigration reform is a women’s issue. The recently completed “100 Women, 100 Miles” pilgrimage to the Pope is exemplary of the grassroots, immigrant women-centered organizing on which We Belong Together thrives.

This grant will support We Belong Together’s effective organizing and communications campaigns. The funds will be used to create hard-hitting communications on immigration issues, including the President’s Executive Actions delayed by the courts, and the extensive use of inhumane family detention centers for women and children. At the same time, We Belong Together will use this broad-based funding to continue its drive for comprehensive immigration reform, mobilizing women to support fair immigration policies.

The Immigration Circle is proud to support We Belong Together and its continued efforts to give a voice to the women and children who are caught in a flawed immigration system.

By Maya Barba

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