Impact Collectives

WDN Impact Collectives are our new, member-driven vehicle for collective learning and giving. Focused on multi-issue, intersectional work, members can collaboratively fund both long-term (multi-year) and emerging projects. The Impact Collectives correspond to our three Impact Areas, as defined in our strategic plan.

Participation & Representation for All

All people should have equal access to the power of the vote. The political leaders who represent us at all levels should reflect the people they serve and the full talent and lived experiences that America has to offer. We need to ensure the full participation of all citizens in electing our leaders and holding them accountable.


Opportunity & Equality for All

Everyone should be able to live a secure, peaceful, and productive life. We must work to build a more balanced society and economy that removes obstacles for people struggling to make ends meet, and ensure that all people enjoy basic human rights and freedom from discrimination, violence, and oppression.


A Safe & Sustainable Future for All

We want the next generation to grow up happy, healthy, and safe. We promote a healthy and sustainable planet for all, ensuring communities are equally protected from environmental harm. All people across the globe should be able to live without fear of violence, be it personal or state violence.


We are excited about this new model and look forward to developing this work together. If you’re interested in building your philanthropic muscle, learning from fellow members and experts in the field, or developing your leadership skills, we hope you’ll consider joining our Impact Collectives! 

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