Impact Collectives

Through WDN’s Impact Collectives, members work together with staff and experts to fund work that advances systemic change across issue areas.

WDN has three Impact Collectives, each focused on a broad goal and led by a steering committee of members.

Participation & Representation for All
Fueling Voter Justice

Voter Justice is a long-term vision to support communities that have been marginalized, expand the electorate, and remove barriers to participation so that everyone has a voice in our democracy. This includes identifying the critical needs of state-based and national organizers, supporting solutions that will protect and engage voters, and creating secure elections.

Opportunity & Equality for All
Fighting for Women’s Safety & Justice in the Workplace

We believe in a just economy where all people enjoy basic human rights and freedom from discrimination, violence, and oppression. Our goal is to ensure that all women workers – particularly those who are most vulnerable – are free from sexual harassment, abuse, violence, and inequality in the workplace and have opportunities to succeed and thrive.

A Safe & Sustainable Future for All
Elevating Women in the Climate Movement

We envision a healthy and sustainable planet for all, where all people and communities are equally protected from harm, including all forms of violence. Recognizing the centrality and intersection of women’s rights and environmental justice, we are committed to supporting women’s powerful leadership in this realm.

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