Impact Collectives

Incubating New Ideas

WDN Impact Collectives focus on multi- issue, intersectional work, providing a space to incubate new ideas, learn in community, and collaboratively fund both long-term and emerging projects.

Participation & Representation for All
Fueling Voter Justice in the South

Voter Justice is a long-term vision to expand the electorate and remove barriers to participation so that everyone has a voice in our democracy. In 2018, we granted $275,000 to 5 groups in Florida and Georgia that are leading broad civic engagement efforts, working with important constituencies, and building power that extends beyond the next election cycle. Grantees include: Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, New Florida Majority, Vamos4PR, New Georgia Project, and ProGeorgia.

Opportunity & Equality for All
Fighting for Women in the Workplace

Given the rise of #MeToo and the growing call for safety and justice for women in the workplace, we have spent the past year learning about the critical interventions in workplace safety and justice, with a focus on the most vulnerable workers. What we want is a balanced economy where all people enjoy basic human rights and freedom from discrimination, violence, and oppression.

A Safe & Sustainable Future for All
Elevating Women in the Climate Movement

A new UN report shows that we must make major changes in the next 12 years to avoid climate- related destruction across the globe. This group has been studying what it would take to tackle this challenge by elevating women (especially women of color) in the climate movement. We have been learning from women-led efforts in Puerto Rico that are focused on rebuilding new, more sustainable systems after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and exploring partnerships with local collaborative funds and grassroots groups.

We are excited about this new model and look forward to developing this work together. If you’re a WDN member who is interested in building your philanthropic muscle, learning from other members and experts in the field, or developing your leadership skills, we hope you’ll consider joining our Impact Collectives!

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