Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Monaghan Shares Thoughts on Multiyear Giving

In this lightning interview, WDN member Elizabeth Monaghan reflects on multiyear support and what it can mean for a donor and an organization.

What does supporting WDN through a multiyear gift mean to you? Why commit a multiyear gift to WDN?

Supporting WDN through a multiyear gift is an expression of my commitment to WDN and its mission. I make a significant portion of my giving through WDN, and I see an unrestricted, multiyear pledge as an opportunity to leverage my philanthropic dollars for even greater impact.

What barriers does multiyear funding lower or erase?  

When organizations can count on longer-term funding, they can plan farther into the future.  They can better position themselves to respond to crises and opportunities.

What can grow out of multiyear support?

Multiyear support helps an organization grow its impact by allowing it to focus more on its mission and less on fundraising. It gives an organization stability and flexibility.

We are going through a President & CEO transition at WDN, our President & CEO of nearly 20 years, Donna Hall, is retiring this year. What effect will multiyear gifts have as we move through this transition?

I hope my multiyear gift reflects my appreciation of Donna’s leadership, as well as my confidence in WDN’s members and staff. Multiyear gifts are an indicator of our strength and potential; they should help attract candidates for President & CEO and position our new leader for success.

What new doors and spaces does multiyear funding open for our grantees? What message does multiyear funding from WDN send to our grantees?

Our grantees are addressing both urgent and longterm problems that don’t have easy solutions. Multiyear funding sends the message that we trust our grantees, we believe in the importance of their work, and we are confident that they are making a difference. We want to see them build a runway for success into the future.

How long have you been a member of WDN? Why did you first join? And why do you continue to renew your membership every year?

I joined WDN in 2017. I wanted to connect with women who were taking action and making the world safer and more equitable. I continue to renew my membership because I love the WDN community and believe in the way we fund. We are mobilizing resources for immediate and long-lasting change.

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