Funders Respond to Decision in Trayvon Martin Case

August 1, 2013 /

Today funders from across the country met to learn about the exciting work going on in Florida and across the country, especially among youth, in response to the decision in the Zimmerman trial.  Last month’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin has mobilized activists across the country. Speakers on the call […]

WDN Goes to Sacramento to Advocate for Domestic Workers

On June 24,  WDN members Kathleen Barry, Kit Miller, and Sara Sanderson carpooled to Sacramento with Sara’s housekeeper, Mirna Ruano, and her cousin, Mirabel, to lobby state legislators to support the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, AB 241.  The bill provides overtime pay, continuous opportunity to sleep for 8 hours, and rest periods every four […]

Supreme Court Decision on the Voting Rights Act Invalidates Requirement that Protects Minority Voters

This week, the Supreme Court decision Shelby County v. Holder, struck down Section 4b of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA).  Section 4b of the VRA concerns the formula for preclearance of voting rules changes, and required that jurisdictions with a history of discriminatory voting rules pass review of changes by the Justice Department […]

Netroots Preconference Program Focuses on Achieving Parity for American Women

About 100 women from all over the country gathered on Wednesday for WDN’s second Women’s Preconference at Netroots Nation. The gathering was part of WDN’s Women United For project, which is focused on achieving parity for women in American politics and civic life.

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Members Learn About Prospects for Comprehensive Immigration Reform This Summer

June 13, 2013 /

WDN members heard an update this week from three leaders in the immigration reform movement about the status of the issue as it moves through the U.S. Senate. The good news is that it looks like the Senate will be voting on the bill by the end of June, and activists are feeling optimistic that […]

Heidi Yewman’s Passion is for Gun Violence Prevention

May 28, 2013 /

In April 1999, Heidi Yewman arrived home with her one-year old and saw kids running out of her high school on CNN. Thirteen people were murdered that day, including Dave Sanders, Heidi’s basketball coach. A few weeks later she attended the memorial service at Columbine High School and was struck by a powerful urge to […]

WDN and Women’s Funding Alliance Team Up for Seattle Regional Event

May 17, 2013 /

Women Donors Network is co-hosting a lunch and regional meeting with the Women’s Funding Alliance on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, focused on the power of women’s activism in the Northwest and nationwide. Regional meetings are opportunities for progressive women donors to connect informally with other women donors in the region who share their values, and […]

Nation Inside: An Innovative Example of Grassroots Networking for Movement Building

April 12, 2013 /

“The knowledge of what others are doing, what works and what doesn’t, is really helpful,” said Branch Kennedy. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

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WDN Goes to Washington: A Summary of Our Week Advocating in DC

March 28, 2013 /

During the week of March 11-14, WDN brought 25 members and prospective members to Washington, DC, for our third annual “WDN on the Hill” advocacy training and lobby days. Our members divided up to tackle four critical issues facing our country today: climate change, immigration, gun violence prevention, and women’s economic security. “WDN on the Hill” is becoming on of our most popular and successful programs, and it is a great way to introduce new people to WDN. Though we can’t get the exact dates until we know the legislative calendar, it is always in March, so please mark your calendars now for 2014 and plan to join us!

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UltraViolet at One Year Old: WDN Members Learn of Successes and the Work to Come

March 27, 2013 /

“Most progressives just go away when the election is over, said WDN member Wendy Wolf. “UV is a way for us to keep people mobilized and building momentum.”

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