WDN Members Help to ‘Define American’

November 22, 2011 /

At WDN’s Annual Conference in Denver, Jose Antonio Vargas, co-founder of Define American, shared his story of being a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who recently came out as an undocumented immigrant. Jose spoke of his efforts to redefine what it means to be an “American,” and to bring people’s stories to the forefront of the conversation about immigration.

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Joan Claybrook Shares List of Policy Fixes

November 11, 2011 /

At WDN’s Annual Conference in Denver, former Public Citizen President and long-time consumer advocate Joan Claybrook spoke of a list of progressive policy fixes that would irritate large corporations and thus would be good economics. This is only a partial list, mind you, but Claybrook argues if we implemented these reforms we would help restore the balance of power in the economy. Not bad for people who often get accused of not having any ideas!

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The Movement and the Moment

November 4, 2011 /

WDN kicked off its 2011 Annual Conference Thursday with a bang, hosting veteran progressive organizer Joan Claybrook and rising star economic justice advocate Heather McGhee in a dynamic, inter-generational conversation about challenging corporate power in this critical moment.

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WDN Releases Case Study on Reproductive Rights Messaging Project

October 25, 2011 /

Women Donors Network and the Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC) released a new case study this week describing a joint initiative called Moving Forward that they began in 2005. Moving Forward was — and is — an ambitious project to create messages and communications strategies that can win policy debates on behalf of women and deepen public understanding of women’s reproductive health needs.

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Strengthening Impact: Realizing the Full Potential of a Justice Network

October 24, 2011 /

On Oct. 13, WDN hosted Tina Reynolds, is Co-Founder and Chair of Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH), and WDN member Deborah Drysdale on a teleconference and webinar to discuss the innovative Criminal Justice Funder and Action Network (CJFAN) research and network-building project (formerly known as the “Mapping Project”).  The goal of the project was […]

Marta Drury

September 12, 2011 /

Marta Drury’s family lived the classic American Dream. Her parents, as working-class folks in a small farm town in Minnesota, decided in the 1940s that they wanted to start their own business. As Marta describes it, they didn’t care what they did, as long as they made money and could work for themselves. They figured […]

Victory in Women’s Health

August 3, 2011 /

President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has decided that health insurance plans must fully cover birth control and a host of other women’s health services with no copays – a major victory for women’s health and Women Donors Network’s Moving Forward initiative. The initiative began in 2005 as a joint project of […]

Victory for All Against the Haul

July 20, 2011 /

A Montana District Court judge has just ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction to stop Imperial Oil – a subsidiary of Exxon Mobile – from moving forward with a project to create a major industrial corridor through Idaho and Montana to the Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada. The ruling is a major victory for […]

Tackling the Right-Wing Strategies that Divide Progressives

April 14, 2011 /

If you feel as though progressives are constantly responding to wedge strategies being devised by right-wing activists, you’re not crazy. As TarsoLuís Ramos explained in a special briefing at Women Donors Network last week, using race and gender to peel off parts of the progressive constituency is a key tactic of the conservative right. On the progressive side, he said, much more proactive work needs to be done – to anticipate these strategies and develop the capacity to outmaneuver them rather than fall into traps laid by the Right.

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