Victory for All Against the Haul

July 20, 2011 /

A Montana District Court judge has just ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction to stop Imperial Oil – a subsidiary of Exxon Mobile – from moving forward with a project to create a major industrial corridor through Idaho and Montana to the Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada. The ruling is a major victory for […]

Tackling the Right-Wing Strategies that Divide Progressives

April 14, 2011 /

If you feel as though progressives are constantly responding to wedge strategies being devised by right-wing activists, you’re not crazy. As TarsoLuís Ramos explained in a special briefing at Women Donors Network last week, using race and gender to peel off parts of the progressive constituency is a key tactic of the conservative right. On the progressive side, he said, much more proactive work needs to be done – to anticipate these strategies and develop the capacity to outmaneuver them rather than fall into traps laid by the Right.

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