Supporting Black-Led Movements: An Alternative to Inequitable Funding

February 6, 2023 /

Dr. Jean Hardisty was a writer, scholar, public speaker, activist, and member of WDN for 21 years. Self-described as a “baby boomer who grew up in a genteel, white, upper-middle-class Southern family, went to the right boarding school, and attended the right cotillions,” Jean radically departed from her conservative roots and dedicated herself to fighting […]

Photo of a person in a blazer and a shirt that says "vote" speaking into a microphone and raising up their hand

Funding Where Democracy-Building, Grassroots Power, and Reproductive Rights Intersect

How do we continue sustaining long-term strategies and capacity-building while meeting the needs of the moment? In our final funding round for 2022, we granted $300,000 to three organizations at the intersection of civic empowerment, grassroots base-building, and reproductive rights (either because they have a reproductive justice strategy or because they’re building progressive power within […]

Abortion Bridge Collaborative Sends $1.21M to the Repro Movement

December 15, 2022 /

Resourcing the Right People, Funding the Right Solutions The Abortion Bridge Collaborative (ABC) Fund sent out $1.21M to the reproductive health and justice landscape in our latest round of grantmaking. To date, this brings our grants to $2.6M. Under the leadership of our movement-centered Grantmaking Advisory Council with a low barrier-to-entry proposal and nomination network, […]

We Just Wrapped Our Annual Conference, Here Are the Highlights

December 2, 2022 /

We gathered at WDN Connect 2022 as a community of audacious women and filled our days and nights together with knowledge-sharing, commitment, and celebration. We were grounded in the memories of the past and inspired to grow into the future. It is abundantly clear that we are feminists, activists, donors, and doers working side by […]

Photo of several people standing in front of a building. They hold signs that say, among other things, "I love someone who had an abortion. #MyRightMyDecision"

Abortion Bridge Collaborative Announces Grantees

November 3, 2022 /

Resourcing the Right People, Funding the Right Solutions With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund was created to ensure enduring access to abortion care across the United States, move money rapidly to build critical and emergent infrastructure, and protect and advance reproductive justice. Using an open, grantee-centered common proposal and […]

Indigenous Leaders Share How We Can Reclaim Our Past, Present, and Future

October 25, 2022 /

Our country, this stolen land, harbors generations of white supremacy and oppression. Yet it also contains the medicine for moving forward. What if the best times are not behind us? What if they are ahead?  Indigenous communities are putting the “home” back in homeland by reclaiming what was stolen from them and practicing traditional culture, […]

Grantee Spotlight: Disinformation Defense League – Liberating Communities from Disinformation

October 14, 2022 /

The Disinformation Defense League (DDL) is a national network of grassroots organizations that builds defenses against disinformation and misinformation campaigns targeting communities of color. WDN’s Participation and Representation initiative’s funding has helped them deliver narrative-based interventions, develop COVID-19 messaging and programming, and evaluate community needs. In the lead-up to the midterm elections and beyond, they […]

Ultraviolet Gives WDN a Founding Mother Award for 10 Years of Partnership

September 22, 2022 /

Congratulations to UltraViolet for ten years of breaking boundaries and winning change across politics, government, media, and pop culture. You are building a world that represents all women and we are deeply proud that you honored us as a Founding Mother. UltraViolet holds a special place in WDN’s history. Ten years ago UltraViolet’s Co-Founders Shaunna […]

The Pandemic Isn’t Behind Black & Latinx Families: Equal Rights Advocates Uncovers Why

September 22, 2022 /

Many want to declare that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Yet COVID-19 and its tangential impacts continue to hold women and families of color back. This combines with systemic inequities, harmful policies sweeping the nation, persistent gun and police violence, and political inaction leave Black and Latinx women under pressure and struggling to survive, let […]

A WDN Member’s Look At Landback

September 21, 2022 /

By Cynthia Beard WDN member  Vice Chair, WDN Action Board WDN is proud to host Land and Legacy: Reclaiming Stolen Lands, a Landback learning series to highlight leaders working to rematriate stolen land. While the Landback movement has existed for generations, this movement has been elevated further in recent years through Indigenous-led direct action protests […]

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