How to Fund Racial Justice Organizing

May 21, 2015 /

The recent events in Baltimore remind us, more than ever, of the need to support a strong and powerful movement for racial justice. Many WDN members already taken the Racial Justice Pledge that invites donors to expand their funding for community-based movement building efforts led by people of color. That Pledge has already generated $1.5 million in commitments.

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Middle East Peace & Democracy Circle Grants $50,000 to Local Call

May 12, 2015 /

WDN’s Middle East Peace & Democracy Circle granted $50,000 in early 2015 to Just Vision to support its project Local Call, a Hebrew-language news site and media project. Local Call is produced by Just Vision, an organization that uses media to highlight the full potential of Palestinians and Israelis to build a future of freedom and security […]

WDN Partner UltraViolet Continues to Succeed

UltraViolet (UV) has come a long way in only three years. WDN provided crucial support to Ultraviolet when it was first launching and the investment has certainly reaped dividends of positive impact in the fight against sexism.

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Dispatch from WDN’s Allies for Racial Justice Program

May 11, 2015 /

WDN is holding a training in nine US cities this year, called Allies for Racial Justice.  The training is focused on the role of progressive philanthropists in supporting the social justice movement. We believe that progressive philanthropy is an important supporting pillar of the progressive movement, and we know that how we show up, or […]

WDN on the Hill 2015: Advocacy and Lobby Days

May 6, 2015 /

WDN members gathered in Washington, D.C this April for our annual advocacy training and lobby days. Meetings with policymakers focused on immigration, women’s economic security, and peace and security around the world. Members also got the chance to connect with Rep. Barbara Lee during a reception, and have an intimate dinner with Rep. Donna Edwards.

Reproductive Health Circle Moves Toward Reproductive Freedom

WDN members participated in a webinar series, Moving Toward Reproductive Freedom, discussing the reproductive justice movement. On the calls were Vanessa Daniel, Executive Director of Groundswell Fund; Monica Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong; and Tannia Esparza, Executive Director of Young Women United. This two-part series addressed the history of the reproductive justice movement and focused […]

Proxy Voting Guide: Members Take Action as Shareholders

April 15, 2015 /

WDN recently released Proxy Preview 2015: Special Proxy Voting Guide for WDN Members, designed to help us take action as shareholders. WDN members collectively own $2.7 billion in assets, much of that in stock – so we can be a powerful voice for change! Proxy Preview 2015 highlights opportunities to vote to demand that corporations: […]

Immigration Circle Discusses Immigration Rights Movement Today

April 2, 2015 /

WDN members recently participated in a webinar discussing the current climate of the immigration rights movement. On the call was Marielena Hincapie, Executive Director of National Immigration Law Center; Lupe Lopez, Executive Director of Alliance for Citizenship; and Sameera Hafiz, Legislative and Policy Consultant at We Belong Together: Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform. This […]

Gender Justice & Civic Engagement: New ‘Tools of the Trade’ Resource for Grantmakers

April 2, 2015 /

This publication is the second in our Tools of the Trade series, which focuses on sharing best practices in social justice philanthropy.

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WDN New Strategic Plan: Community with a Purpose

April 1, 2015 /

We are excited to share this summary of our new strategic plan, Community with a Purpose, which highlights our key impact areas and goals for our work over the next five years. This plan is the result of a year-long engagement process that included WDN members, staff, Board, and strategic planning consultants. This work culminated at our Annual Conference in […]

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