Our Most Recent Round of Grants! $1.67 Million to Frontline Movements

We are proud to share an update about our collective grantmaking. At WDN we are moving $1.67 million in funding to 17 impactful organizations that are building power where it is so desperately needed.  At last count at the end of June, we have moved over $15 million and supported 108 organizations.

Thanks to the collective investment of this network, we are able to continue mobilizing critical funding to support the work of our grantees across the country and the world, working to build a brighter future for us all.

Jean Hardisty Initiative

Following in the footsteps of activist, scholar, and former WDN member Jean Hardisty’s legacy, WDN’s Jean Hardisty Initiative (JHI) continues to fuel progressive change, supporting the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ youth who are working to dismantle racist, oppressive systems. 

Many of JHI’s grantees have been partners for two or more years, underscoring our commitment to providing multi-year support and building close relationships with organizers. In this most recent round of grants, we have continued funding our long-time partners, particularly those engaged in capacity or infrastructure building, leadership development, and civic engagement.

$300,000 to three organizations:

Opportunity & Equality For All Impact Collective

When people have autonomy over their bodies, they can make the best decisions for their families, lives, and careers. Yet, in 2022, we’ve seen continued injustice against immigrant and care workers and unceasing attacks on reproductive rights. WDN’s Opportunity & Equality for All Impact Collective (O&E) renewed funding for all of their 2021 grantees, with the addition of seed funding for the new Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund (ABC Fund). Given the current social-political landscape, the committee prioritized support for midwives and birth centers that are inundated with care requests in the wake of abortion restrictions, as well as organizations fighting for worker justice, immigrant justice, and the Care Economy.

$600,000 to six organizations:

Participation & Representation For All Impact Collective

WDN’s Participation & Representation For All Impact Collective (P&R) is fiercely committed to fair representation and believes everyone must have equal power in our democracy. In our most recent round of grants, we prioritized sustaining our long-term strategies and capacity-building in our key states while meeting the needs of the moment by funding organizations working at the intersections of reproductive justice, voter justice, and infrastructure building.

$300,000 to three organizations:

Safe & Sustainable Future For All Impact Collective

Since 2018, WDN’s Safe and Sustainable Impact Collective (S&S) has resourced community-led climate justice solutions in regions most impacted by climate change, with a particular focus on Puerto Rico and the Southern US. Over the past three years, we’ve expanded our grantmaking beyond the Western Hemisphere to support movements on nearly every continent, prioritizing funding for BIPOC leaders throughout the Global South. Recognizing the fight for climate justice is deeply intersectional, requiring coordination across movements and borders, we have renewed funding for youth-led, capacity-building organizations at the forefront of civic engagement, and grassroots organizations and coalitions deeply engaged in creating solidarity economies, advancing a global Just Transition, and challenging false solutions

$375,000 to five organizations:

“What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, adding, adding to, adding more, continuing. We know that it does not take everyone on Earth to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola, “We Were Made for These Times

Our frontline partners have shown us that the path toward liberation includes deep, sustained investment so they can grow their capacity, strengthen their organizational and movement infrastructure, and focus on the work rather than fundraising. 

We aim to move resources nimbly while continuing multi-year support for grassroots organizations. Our deep trust and partnership with movement leaders enables us to eliminate funding barriers and enables organizations to focus on their work. For more information about our work, read our 2021 annual report, or contact Programs and Initiatives Manager Summer Migliori Soto with questions on how to get involved

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