Carla Kleefeld


Carla Kleefeld, PhD. is a donor activist and values based investor who cares deeply about social, racial and economic justice, specifically drug policy and sentencing reform. Her passions include: organic farming, psychodynamic psychotherapy, play therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness practices.

Carla grew up in Southern California, raised by immigrants who were artistic, philanthropic and dedicated to arts and education. Her grandfather was among the first in Southern California to build affordable housing and provide loans to working families. While studying psychology and living in a cooperative, Carla furthered her activism to include non-nuclear proliferation, and taught “Diet for a new America” to encourage awareness about sustainable eating and local farming.

Together with her Alaska Native partner of 27 years, Carla enjoys sharing music, art and conversation, and supporting the preservation of Alaska Native culture, language and art.

After more than eleven years as a WDN member, and five years as WDN Board member, Carla is inspired and impressed by WDN’s commitment to collaborate, act and exemplify the leadership, we as women need, to empower and partner with individuals, and communities to create a more fair, and just world. It is a blessing to be part of such an amazing community of proactive, caring, and inspired women leaders.

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