Erin Rossitto (she/her)

Chief of Staff

As WDN’s Chief of Staff, and part of the Executive Office team, Erin drives the implementation and integration of the vision and strategic priorities set by the President & CEO. She works closely with team leaders to weave our cross-functional work and provides management and strategic support to our boards of directors.

Erin is a graduate of Barnard College and started her career at the Center for the Advancement of Women in New York City. After earning a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, she landed at the Rockefeller Foundation where her work addressed the impact of globalization on women’s labor and economic opportunity. Over the next two decades, Erin couldn’t resist having her hands in all kinds of endeavors – from founding and running a women’s coworking space and forward-thinking women’s magazine to working and consulting for social change organizations. She credits her evolution as a progressive donor activist to her 20+ year connection to WDN as a member and former board member.

Erin and her husband raised three clever and charming children (totally unbiased opinion), have cared for a myriad of precious pets, and currently live in Connecticut where they both grew up. Erin prioritizes spending abundant time in the greatest city (NYC, of course) where she satisfies her love of food, theater, dance, book stores, and the buzz of people.

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