Krista Brewer

Krista Brewer is a life-long resident of Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up as the daughter of an Emory University professor, and part of the progressive South. After getting a Masters in urban planning and working briefly in that field, she turned to a career in journalism and editing before “retiring” to raise her three children.

She is a committed volunteer and advocate for various causes. She has served on PTA boards, and the boards of trustees of her children’s schools. Her other philanthropic and volunteer involvement includes women’s empowerment, civic engagement, and voter mobilization. She is also involved with issues around peace in the Middle East and lifting the embargo against Cuba.

Krista was instrumental in founding ProGeorgia, the civic engagement state table in Georgia, the first in the Deep South. She continues to be active serving on the Board of this group.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading and going to the beach! She also spends way too much time on Twitter. Follow her @KristaRBrewer.

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