Laurel Potter Huerta (she/her)

Vice President of Operations

Laurel Potter Huerta (she/her) is the Vice President of Operations, leading the essential organization-wide systems that make WDN’s impact possible and support our team’s effective operations. Laurel also serves as the Managing Director of our c4 sister organization, WDN Action. She brings over 15 years of program, communications, and strategic operations expertise to her work with WDN and WDN Action.

Prior to joining the WDN team, Laurel spent a number of years in Brazil and Spain working in the field of education. She has conducted fieldwork on progressive education policies in Porto Alegre, Brazil, collaborated on a study of innovative educational technologies with the University of Barcelona, and researched the impact of school reform on students’ learning experiences.

Laurel has also served as a Director of Teacher Training and Development for a language school in Rio de Janeiro, an educational consultant in the Silicon Valley, a freelance translator, and an advisor for a children’s book project about environmental justice leaders. She holds a BA in English, Spanish, and Portuguese from UC Berkeley and completed graduate studies at the University of Barcelona.

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