Margery Goldman (she/her)

Board Member

Margery Goldman (she/her) brings a diverse background in education, the arts, and business to Women Donors Network (WDN). From living and working on the Navajo Reservation to teaching and developing curriculum in the Pueblos outside Santa Fe, Margery moved into interactive exhibit design, opening her own design firm in Denver in the early 1980s, Ten years later, seeking a new entrepreneurial adventure, she and two partners invented a new line of kids’ products  – Grafeeties, The Original Bumper Stickers. After building the business in the promotions industry, the company produced its own line of health and fitness messages, delivering messages on tobacco and drug prevention, HIV/AIDS, girls’ empowerment, and other critical social issues to children and teens around the country. Following the sale of that company, Margery, at last, at the age of 52 married her beloved Marvin and joined the Women Donors Network where she has taken leadership positions on the Board, in the Middle East Peace and Democracy Circle, and on various committees including Impact and Inclusion, Jean Hardisty and the Emergent Fund. Following the passing of her husband in 2005, Margery established the Marvin Naiman and Margery Goldman Family Foundation which funds a wide range of social justice issues. Margery received her B.A. in Art History from Smith College and her M.Ed. from The University of Massachusetts.

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