Nadia Ziad Ismail

Board Member

As a next-gen woman of color, Nadia brings to the Board a trained lens on change management and bridging our membership dynamics across identities such as age, race, and class. Working to support the initial development of the DEI framework at Patagonia, Nadia now serves as a manager of team development at Doordash. Through this work she supports change management across teams and departments at the executive level. Joining WDN in 2020, Nadia quickly brought her professional skills in organizational development and DEI work to WDN’s Multigenerational Braintrust and the Jean Hardisty Steering Committee.

Not only will her expertise around culture and power shifts be invaluable as we move toward our vision of becoming a multi-generational and multi-cultural network, but so will her stamina and skills at multitasking.

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