Reflective Democracy Campaign Releases New Data

Last week, the Reflective Democracy Campaign launched its highly anticipated report and latest data on the demographics of power in America.

The new data has been featured in national media including Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, and US News & World Report.

In addition to updating our past data on the race and gender of candidates at the federal and state levels to include 2016 election results, the Campaign also drilled down to the city level for the first time and found that even in our most progressive hubs, representation is still dismal. Here are some key findings:

  • In the U.S., 70% of the population is women and people of color. Congress? 71% white men.
  • U.S. cities are diverse, but their leaders usually aren’t. Mayors are 80% male and, incredibly, 11 major cities have zero women in elected office.
  • This is a bipartisan problem: GOP politicians are 97% white and 76% male. Democrats are 79% white and 65% male. That’s not the face of America. We can do better, and the Reflective Democracy Campaign is working to ensure that we will.

The Campaign is fueled by WDN members who give over $1 million annually toward this critical effort. You have made this work possible, and we hope you share our pride in how together we are helping to change the national conversation on the face of power in America.

We are hosting a members-only briefing with Campaign Director Brenda Choresi Carter this Thursday, November 2. Members can RSVP here.

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