Renewable Human Power: 4 Climate Justice Orgs Funded by WDN’s Earth Circle

Having successfully raised $100,000 this year toward funding climate justice movement building and sustainable national policies is only part of WDN Earth Circle’s reason to celebrate this September. Funding will go to support four projects that center communities most impacted by fracking and other pollutants. Earthworks, Food & Water Watch, WildEarth Guardians, and Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) are giving WDN plenty more reason to celebrate exactly how meaningful this funding will be in the fight for Mother Earth and all who live here.

All four funded organizations are already moving grassroots, people-driven efforts forward to end fracking and other terrible practices and policies by working on multiple levels to create strategic, coordinated, and lasting change.

  • Food & Water Watch is also moving people on the frontline of climate justice, providing tools and inspiration to organize and campaign locally to ban fracking. In support of this work, Food & Water Watch is also making its voice heard in national and international news outlets addressing fracking water pollution.
  • WildEarth Guardians offers an important Navajo micro-grant program to help protect Native land. WildEarth Guardians’ Rebecca Sobel is also bringing the fight to end the federal coal program and to end hydraulic fracking to the coal and oil industries nationally.  

WDN and the organizations we fund understand that “fracking or loss of jobs” is a false choice and that our planet needs our help now. We also promote the well being of people most affected by the heavy tolls of pollution—not fossil fuel industries and their bottom lines—by funding work to create environmental health and safety for all. That starts with funding people power and the organizations that put people and the earth first.

The boon of WDN’s Earth Circle funding cycle is that, in the fight for environmental justice, the critical work to build real movement power will continue. And we can’t wait to see what more we can do, together.

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