Resource Guide: Reclaiming Stolen Lands

We live on Indigenous land, colonized five centuries ago. After generations of colonization, white supremacy, and capitalism when we look at our country today, we see families that cannot access housing, food, or medical care, dry waterbeds, mass extinctions, a military complex that enforces a system of terror, and a government that protects and represents the needs of those in power. At WDN we have a shared vision of justice and equity for all. Landback is the end of white supremacy, a return to sustainability, the creation of a society where all have the opportunity to participate, and a rematriation of stolen land from the hands of colonizers to the hands of stewards. 

“Landback means access to sustainable food from the land, and it means affordable housing in urban settings. It means a return to our languages and incorporating harm-reduction strategies into ceremony. It means a return to matriarchy in a way that my generation has never known.”Nickita Longman, writer and community organizer, Saulteaux from George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan

On September 19 and October 3, WDN is hosting Land and Legacy: Reclaiming Stolen Lands with POOR Magazine, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, Ekvn-Yefolecv, Yellow Bird Life Ways Center, and NDN Collective. Scroll on for a compilation of some of their history-making work. And if you’re a member of WDN, join us for the series to learn the story of landback, how it ties into Indigenous- and Black-led organizing efforts, and how you can support. 

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