Rising to the Moment: Our 2020 Annual Report

2020 was a year we were called upon to respond to a pandemic, an economic crisis, a nation-wide reckoning with racial justice, and continued assaults on our democracy—all happening in the context of the most important election of our lives. The pandemic may have changed the way we connect and work, but our strategy remained the same: bold, collaborative, and joyful. Together, WDN and WDN Action mobilized more than $18 million, investing in the leaders and movements that are fighting for our democracy and building a more just future. We are proud to share our work with our 2020 Annual Report.

infographic with data also included in text below

Key points:

  • We mobilized $18.35 million in 2020.
  • We funded 139 organizations that are dismantling oppressive systems and envisioning bold changes.
  • To counter voter suppression and disenfranchisement, we funded voter protection, engagement, and election security.
  • In the face of COVID-19, we supported frontline workers most affected by the pandemic and most at risk.
  • In response to racial justice uprisings across the country and the rise of white nationalism, we deepened our support for Black-led power building, movement organizing, and voter justice, funding an entire ecosystem of organizations mobilizing in the Movement for Black Lives.
  • With new abortion restrictions, we funded an abortion hotline and provided critical seed funding for the creation of a reproductive justice legal defense fund.
  • We amplified the cry for climate justice by supporting efforts for a Green New Deal, investing in communities around the world working toward food and energy sovereignty, and funding vital messaging and communications tools.
  • Throughout, we prioritized resourcing BIPOC and women-led work. 80% of the organizations we funded via WDN and WDN Action are women-led or co-led and 82% are BIPOC-led.

Read our full 2020 Annual Report for more about the impact we made and a preview of what’s to come.

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