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WDN Partner UltraViolet Continues to Succeed

UltraViolet (UV) has come a long way in only three years. WDN provided crucial support to Ultraviolet when it was first launching and the investment has certainly reaped dividends of positive impact in the fight against sexism. Read More »

Moving Forward Into a New Era for Women’s Health

Aug. 1 was an exciting day for me, and for all women across this country. It marked the beginning of a new era in women's health, when basic preventative care for women -- including birth control -- must be covered by insurance companies with no co-pays. Over the next few years, as a growing number of health plans come under reach of the new health care law, more and more women will gain access to reliable birth control without co-pays. I am so proud of the role WDN played, along with many other organizations, to make this positive change. Read More »

UltraViolet: Big Accomplishments in a Short Timeframe

We should all be proud. UltraViolet, the newest partner of WDN’s Reproductive Rights Action Circle, has accomplished a huge amount in the one month since their official launch. To our wonder and amazement, Nita Chaudhary and Shaunna Thomas, the co-founders of UltraViolet, were able to immediately be a force to call out the extremists on birth control and the related issue of women’s health – even before their website officially launched.
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Members in the News: Valerie Arkoosh

WDN Member Valerie Arkoosh, who is President of the National Physician's Alliance, went on Martha Stewart's show to educate viewers about the benefits of the new health care law, enacted by Congress and the Obama Administration in 2010 Read More »

Reproductive Rights Action Circle Works to Seize ‘Teachable Moment’ on Women’s Health

Every day we are seeing it in the headlines – the attacks on women’s health care from those whose political agenda does not include the interests of women. WDN’s Reproductive Rights Action Circle predicted this moment years ago as part of its Moving Forward project – even as others turned a blind eye. All along we knew that conservatives not only wanted to ban abortion, but also wanted to restrict women’s access to basic health services including contraception. And now, the Reproductive Rights Action Circle is mobilizing around this critical moment. Read More »

Members in the News: Sophia Yen

WDN member Sophia Yen, an ardent supporter of women’s reproductive rights, is the founder of the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, and has just launched a major effort to raise awareness about the issue in a weeklong virtual “march” Jan.
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WDN Releases Case Study on Reproductive Rights Messaging Project

Women Donors Network and the Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC) released a new case study this week describing a joint initiative called Moving Forward that they began in 2005. Moving Forward was -- and is -- an ambitious project to create messages and communications strategies that can win policy debates on behalf of women and deepen public understanding of women's reproductive health needs. Read More »

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