The Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund Has Officially Launched!

WDN’s Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund has launched! We are so proud that this fund will build the emergent and emergency infrastructure required to ensure access to abortion care for as many people, in as many places across the country, as possible. 

There is a critical need for adaptive approaches to resourcing abortion providers, filling the funding gaps left by institutional philanthropy RIGHT NOW, and scaling support so that staff at grassroots organizations don’t burn out. We are so proud that this fund has raised over $2 million in its first few days in support of this vision. Make a gift.

How We Will Fund – Announcing our Growing Grantmaking Advisory Council

Funding will be distributed under the guidance of an advisory collaborative of activists, leaders, and donors from the reproductive rights/health/justice movements. By centering advocates and organizations who are working on abortion access across the country in our leadership, we will maximize our ability to identify needs rapidly, connect relevant partners and collaborators, replicate models that have demonstrated success in areas with similar needs, and ensure that our grantmaking is, as always, informed by local activists and impacted communities.

We will be announcing the full Council in the coming weeks. We are proud to have these incredible leaders in the reproductive and abortion justice spaces as part of our Council:

How You Can Support

At WDN, we have a history of funding innovative ideas at critical moments and stepping into areas perceived as “risky” to meet a need where other funders have shied away. 

Lean in with us by:

  1. Funding this work. We are nearly halfway to our $5 million goal. We need your support to get there.
  2. SHARE the ABC Fund with your networks. We are formidable in our reach, and we all know people who are asking “Where should I give?” right now. The ABC Fund is it.
  3. Share the ABC Fund on social. We are filling a funding gap and we want people to know about it. Here are some posts you can share:

We also want to highlight these aligned organizations who have been leading important, rapid response work within the reproductive justice ecosystem. Please consider supporting their work as well!

What’s Coming

In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing our full Grantmaking Advisory Council and our hope is to make the first round of grants ASAP. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please check out the ABC Fund’s Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email at [email protected].

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