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Voter Justice and Planning for the Future

At our annual conference, we shared the impact of our collective action and grantmaking first-hand. Check out our one-minute video of election highlights and areas where WDN members invested. WDN’s Jean Hardisty Initiative was an early funder of Black Voters Matter (BVM) Capacity Building Institute, supporting a voter engagement bus tour through the South in 2018 that made headlines across the nation.
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Solidaire and Women Donors Network Launch the Emergent Fund

Solidaire and WDN are proud to announce a new activist-advised fund to support communities impacted by the 2016 election. The 2016 election results threaten all of us: immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-Americans, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color. We need emergent strategies to support organizations fighting back in rapidly changing conditions. Let’s use our collective power to stand together. Read More »

How to Fund Racial Justice Organizing

The recent events in Baltimore remind us, more than ever, of the need to support a strong and powerful movement for racial justice. Many WDN members already taken the Racial Justice Pledge that invites donors to expand their funding for community-based movement building efforts led by people of color. That Pledge has already generated $1.5 million in commitments. Read More »

Dispatch from WDN’s Allies for Racial Justice Program

WDN is holding a training in nine US cities this year, called Allies for Racial Justice.  The training is focused on the role of progressive philanthropists in supporting the social justice movement. We believe that progressive philanthropy is an important supporting pillar of the progressive movement, and we know that how we show up, or don’t, as an ally for the activists doing the work that we care about, matters. 
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WDN Kicks Off Racial Justice Workshop Series

WDN supports our members in becoming increasingly strong allies across race and class. We’re glad to be partnering on this series with an organization that can so skillfully facilitate a conversation with donors about these important issues, bringing us together to learn helpful models, share stories, and think about practical ways to incorporate learnings into our grantmaking, investing, advocacy, and daily lives.
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