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We Just Directed $2.4M to 27 Movement Organizations

In our most recent round of grants, we sent $2.4M to 27 organizations dedicated to creating safer, healthier, and more just communities for all. This latest round of support maintains our commitment to existing partnerships, explores new catalytic opportunities, and meaningfully backs a wide ecosystem of change-builders. 
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Supporting Black-Led Movements: An Alternative to Inequitable Funding

Photo: Leaders Igniting Transformation, a grantee our Jean Hardisty Initiative has been funding since 2019 Dr. Jean Hardisty was a writer, scholar, public speaker, activist, and member of WDN for 21 years. Self-described as a “baby boomer who grew up in a genteel, white, upper-middle-class Southern family, went to the right boarding school, and attended the right cotillions,” Jean radically departed from her conservative roots and dedicated herself to fighting for economic equality and civil rights.
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The Pandemic Isn’t Behind Black & Latinx Families: Equal Rights Advocates Uncovers Why

Photo: Equal Rights Advocates Many want to declare that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Yet COVID-19 and its tangential impacts continue to hold women and families of color back. This combines with systemic inequities, harmful policies sweeping the nation, persistent gun and police violence, and political inaction leave Black and Latinx women under pressure and struggling to survive, let alone thrive. 
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A WDN Member’s Look At Landback

Photo: NDN Collective By Cynthia Beard WDN member  Vice Chair, WDN Action Board WDN is proud to host Land and Legacy: Reclaiming Stolen Lands, a Landback learning series to highlight leaders working to rematriate stolen land. While the Landback movement has existed for generations, this movement has been elevated further in recent years through Indigenous-led direct action protests and social media campaigns.
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What Do Reparations Look Like?

The foundation for racial repair has been laid over generations. We still hear Fannie Lou Hamer’s voice echo across decades of organizing, guiding us on the path towards liberation: “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” The movement for reparations is for all of us; the road to reparations will take all of us.
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Justice is More than a Verdict

Statement by Donna Hall, President & CEO, Women Donors Network We send love and strength to Minneapolis today, to the family and community of George Floyd. Real justice would mean George Floyd would still be alive today. Our collective breath was taken away from all of us the moment we witnessed the murder of George Floyd, but today is not a moment for a collective sigh of relief because this is an inflection point and the work continues.
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