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We Just Directed $2.4M to 27 Movement Organizations

In our most recent round of grants, we sent $2.4M to 27 organizations dedicated to creating safer, healthier, and more just communities for all. This latest round of support maintains our commitment to existing partnerships, explores new catalytic opportunities, and meaningfully backs a wide ecosystem of change-builders. 
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Texas Ruling & What You Can Do

Graphic: @liberaljanee Since Roe v. Wade ended, much of the battle over legal abortion has focused on access to medication abortion pills. Opponents of abortion have long wanted to block the use of mifepristone not only in states with abortion bans but also nationwide.
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ABC Funds the First Women of Color-Led, Employee-Owned Abortion Clinic in the U.S.

Photo: Annie Spratt / Unsplash Valley Abortion Group (VAG) is a women of color-led group of local providers opening a clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico that will focus on providing patient-centered abortion care later in pregnancy.  Providing Abortion Care in Late Stage Alaska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, Vermont, and Oregon are the six states where abortion is technically legal at any point in pregnancy – plus the District of Columbia.
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Photo of several people standing in front of a building. They hold signs that say, among other things, "I love someone who had an abortion. #MyRightMyDecision"

Abortion Bridge Collaborative Announces Grantees

Image credit: We Testify Resourcing the Right People, Funding the Right Solutions With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Abortion Bridge Collaborative Fund was created to ensure enduring access to abortion care across the United States, move money rapidly to build critical and emergent infrastructure, and protect and advance reproductive justice.
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Screenshot of a news heading that says "women in tech are mobilizing to improve access to abortion providers"

Grantee Spotlight: Navigating reproductive health chaos

Since the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, people across the U.S. could be certain that, however fiery the anti-choice movement’s rhetoric, the right to an abortion was inviolable. This key victory empowered the pro-choice movement to shift its focus toward ensuring universal availability of reproductive health services for everyone.
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