Topic: Women’s Leadership

Ultraviolet Gives WDN a Founding Mother Award for 10 Years of Partnership

Karen Finney, UltraViolet Education Fund Board Chair, and Donna P. Hall, WDN President & CEO Emerita, during UltraViolet’s ten-year anniversary celebration. Congratulations to UltraViolet for ten years of breaking boundaries and winning change across politics, government, media, and pop culture. You are building a world that represents all women and we are deeply proud that you honored us as a Founding Mother.
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When Women Lead Financial Decision-Making

Women are often the most directly impacted by the world’s challenges including health care, unemployment, education, climate displacement, and violence, yet are excluded from financial leadership roles and capital allocation. Only 5% of chief executive officers, fund managers, or venture capital recipients are women (Shaber, Marime-Ball, 2022).
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Celebration, Recognition, Elevation: Black Women & Femmes Are Bringing Us Into the Future – Part 2

Black women and femmes are at the center of transformation in America. ​​In their hometowns, states, and nationally, they are resourcing their communities and battling injustice across intersections of oppression. In honor of the history they’ve come from and the world they’re building towards, we close out this year’s Black History Month by lifting up some of these outstanding leaders from our network of changemaking grantees.
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Photo of Jennifer Risher, a white woman with shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes standing in front of a bookshelf and smiling at the camera

Real Talk With New Member Jennifer Risher

New member Jennifer Risher, author of We Need to Talk, tells us how she’s shaking up the conversation about wealth and philanthropy. You have an interesting story about how you became wealthy. Can you share it with us? I am lucky.
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A photo of WDN member Amanda Coslor, she has short brown hair, blue eyes, and is smiling slightly at the camera. She wears an orange sweater and is outside in front of a bush.

Caring At The Very Beginning: Transforming Our World Through Birth Justice

WDN member Amanda Coslor joined us for a Q&A on birth justice as an often overlooked way to transform society. You are heavily involved in the birth justice movement. You are the seed funder and a board member of the Birth Justice Fund at Groundswell Fund, one of the largest birth justice funders in the country, and the Thriving Women’s Initiative at Seven Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, which is bringing back traditional birth practices for Indigenous women.
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