Topic: Women’s Leadership

In Tribute to the Magnificent Donna P. Hall

Image: Donna P. Hall, WDN President & CEO Emerita Donna P. Hall has worked at the cutting edge of public health at the Kaiser Foundation, incubated women’s funding at Rockefeller, earned her MBA from Stanford University in an era when women were marginalized to a mere 10% of the student body – and, over the last two decades, she has transformed Women Donors Network from an organization with a “start-up” feel and a small footprint to an effective and growing force in progressive philanthropy. 
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We Just Wrapped Our Annual Conference, Here Are the Highlights

We gathered at WDN Connect 2022 as a community of audacious women and filled our days and nights together with knowledge-sharing, commitment, and celebration. We were grounded in the memories of the past and inspired to grow into the future. It is abundantly clear that we are feminists, activists, donors, and doers working side by side to push the needle toward justice – a spirit we saw in action throughout our time together. 
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Meet WDN’s 3 New Board Members!

It is with great pleasure that we announce our three new Board members for 2023: Mary Cooper, Zoe Mercer-Golden, and Nancy Westcott. As we complete a year of dynamic transition at WDN, our incoming cohort brings a deep and diverse set of intergenerational skills, professional experiences, and life experiences to the strategic work ahead.
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Ultraviolet Gives WDN a Founding Mother Award for 10 Years of Partnership

Karen Finney, UltraViolet Education Fund Board Chair, and Donna P. Hall, WDN President & CEO Emerita, during UltraViolet’s ten-year anniversary celebration. Congratulations to UltraViolet for ten years of breaking boundaries and winning change across politics, government, media, and pop culture. You are building a world that represents all women and we are deeply proud that you honored us as a Founding Mother.
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When Women Lead Financial Decision-Making

Women are often the most directly impacted by the world’s challenges including health care, unemployment, education, climate displacement, and violence, yet are excluded from financial leadership roles and capital allocation. Only 5% of chief executive officers, fund managers, or venture capital recipients are women (Shaber, Marime-Ball, 2022).
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