WDN and Partners Raise More Than $1 Million in Commitments for Racial Justice Organizations

The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner — and the failure to indict the officers responsible — have ignited people across the U.S. to declare that black lives matter.  Creating change will require thriving, well-funded organizations based in communities of color who deeply understand the problems and needed solutions.

To address this issue, WDN joined with seven other donor and philanthropic networks to develop a pledge page where people can commit to fund the racial justice movement. The amount pledged to date is more than $1 million!

Our partners at the Neighborhood Funders Group put together a list of racial justice organizations people may want to learn more about on the site, FundersforJustice.org. In addition, WDN is organizing a call that will feature several members discussing their work to support the racial justice movement.

Anyone can click here to take the pledge – to commit to fund at least one additional racial justice organization in 2015, or to increase your giving to a racial justice group you already support. You can pledge publicly or anonymously.

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