WDN Moves $2 Million Start of Pandemic

We know that these are frightening times. We’ve all been worrying about the health and safety of those we love and the communities we hold dear. In the face of that fear, our network has stepped up to the moment.

In the midst of this pandemic, we’re proud to share that the WDN community has moved $2 million to the field. We are moving quickly, adapting our strategies, and continuing critical partnerships—and we’ve been able to do this through our collective giving and activism in the last six weeks.


This crisis has exposed our broken safety net and systemic inequity. Now, we’re all relying on essential workers (who have ALWAYS been essential) to help us when we’re sick and to keep society functioning while we stay home.

This pandemic is hitting women of all races (particularly women of color) the hardest. That’s why we’ve been funding efforts that protect and advance economic justice, safety, and health through a race and gender lens.

Our priorities are now part of the national conversation—paid leave, childcare, hazard pay, and many more. We want to ensure that any advances we make on this front become long-term policy change.


During this crisis, we’re remaining focused on our values of radical feminism, transformational organizing, and a commitment to confronting anti-Black racism. Now more than ever, Black-led power-building organizations need consistent funding. We’re honoring that by doubling down on our investment, which is why you may see some familiar names below.


We are also focusing on civic engagement and organizing in advance of the election in November. We’re ensuring that all our votes get counted, investing in digital strategies, and supporting organizers who are mobilizing their communities in key states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas.

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