WDN named a Gender Justice Champion by Equal Rights Associates

Last Friday, Equal Rights Associates (ERA) honored WDN for our early support of their Stronger California Advocates Network, which launched in 2015.

Stronger California’s goal was to create a legislative agenda that improved the economic security of millions of Californians while influencing other states across the country with bold policy reforms to help women and families build assets, access affordable child care, and thrive in safe, fair, and family-friendly workplaces.

With over two dozen wins to date, including their role in passing the country’s strongest laws combating sexual harassment and pay discrimination, the Stronger California agenda is setting the pace for the nation. Now, ERA is taking lessons from California and launching the Women’s Agenda Initiative—a new effort to pass similar legislation across the country.

Our Opportunity & Equality Impact Collective is a proud funder of ERA’s Women’s Agenda Initiative. 

WDNPhoto (L-R): WDN Member Relations & Events Manager Kathleen Andreson, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett, WDN President & CEO Donna Hall, and WDN Member and Tara Health Foundation President Ruth Shaber.

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