WDN Speaks Out Executive Actions on Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines

Women Donors Network Stands With Indigenous Leaders in the Rejection of Trump’s Executive Actions on Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline

Washington, DC — Statement from Jennifer McDowell and Nina Simons, Co-Chairs of the Earth Circle at the Women Donors Network, in response to President Trump’s executive action to advance the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline:

“If President Trump thinks he can revive two toxic pipelines that are bad for our economy, for jobs, for our water and our health without a fight he is just plain wrong. We know he has long been an investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline, so it should surprise no one that he’d make this decision, without meeting with any of the Indigenous people affected or revisiting the environmental impact statement that’s been mandated or our history of broken treaties. Clearly, this is intended to benefit his own pocketbook and interests over the well-being of the American people.”

“Under the Obama administration, we worked on several fronts to bring an end to Keystone XL. Last year, our members took up the call to stop DAPL and end the violence against all those Indigenous Peoples, veterans and activists at Standing Rock.

“We will continue to stand with grantee partners like WECAN and Indigenous Climate Action to oppose assaults on the environment and Indigenous people. Trump’s rash actions only strengthen our resolve to resist and fight back — and we won’t stop fighting until these pipelines are rejected and the human rights, health and sovereignty of Indigenous people along the pipeline routes are respected.”

The Women Donors Network has a long history of supporting the leadership of Indigenous movements and fights for environmental and climate justice.

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