We Just Wrapped Our Annual Conference, Here Are the Highlights

We gathered at WDN Connect 2022 as a community of audacious women and filled our days and nights together with knowledge-sharing, commitment, and celebration. We were grounded in the memories of the past and inspired to grow into the future. It is abundantly clear that we are feminists, activists, donors, and doers working side by side to push the needle toward justice – a spirit we saw in action throughout our time together.
Here are resources, photos, and recordings from WDN Connect 2022!

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Put on our official WDN Connect 2022: Grounded & Growing playlist while you check out some of the moments captured at the conference!

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Here are some of our favorite quotes from WDN Connect 2022!

Read About It

A dynamic group of movement organizers, changemakers, and leaders spoke at WDN Connect 2022. Find highlights below. Conference participants can access select Main Stage recordings on our conference app (WDN members, you can also view these recordings on our Member Portal).

Welcome to WDN Connect: Opening Night Remarks

At our Opening Night Dinner, our President & CEO Leena Barakat and President & CEO Emerita Donna Hall shared heartfelt remarks that set the stage for the moment and called us all into our community of audacious women!

A Love Letter to WDN: Opening Address from Donna Hall

Donna Hall centered us in the bold legacy of our network. We are women – feminists, activists, donors, doers – working side by side to push the needle toward justice!

A Long Arc of Action with Shaunna Thomas

Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, spoke on feminist organizing, movement-driven politics, and the evolution of our collective power.

WDN Action: The Midterm Moment and the Politics of Now

Movement and thought leaders inspired us with the progressive movement’s might and reminded us that we are at an inflection point – it is the time to double down on the preservation of democracy and our fight for a society where everyone knows justice.

Incubator Showcase

We heard from some of our key initiatives about how WDN has stepped into niche and catalytic grantmaking when it’s been needed most.

WDN Business Meeting

At our Business Meeting, we had time to learn and ask questions about WDN’s budgeting and grantmaking.

The Wake Up: Michelle MiJung Kim and Leena Barakat in Conversation

We were awakened by the call to reflect on our internal “why” in support of equity and justice in this conversation between Michelle MiJung Kim and Leena Barakat.

Movement Wisdom: Connectedness + Intersectionality

We gained a greater understanding of the profoundly intersectional nature of our grantee’s efforts and asked ourselves, “how can we desilo our grantmaking and thinking to better serve intersectional movements and leverage our impact?”

Community Forums

The movement leaders and WDN members who facilitated community forums created brave, intimate learning spaces on topics from rematriation to rapid response organizing to facing white supremacy.

Celebration Dinner: Honoring Our Roots, Rising Towards The Future

We ended the conference with a celebration for the ages. Members’ stories in honor of Donna Hall’s 20-year legacy touched our hearts as Donna passed the ceremonial baton to our new fearless leader Leena Barakat.

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