What Can We Do to Uplift Birth Justice?

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In June and July of 2021, we hosted a series called Uplifting Birth Justice. With 15+ speakers and partner networks, this unprecedented series taught us that the fight for birth justice requires all of us. Now is our chance to transform institutions and improve outcomes for birthing people around the world.

What Can We Do to Uplift Birth Justice?

With our support, birth justice movement leaders can strengthen community birth infrastructure for generations to come.

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Session 1: Investing in Birth Centers & Positive Outcomes

Watch session 1 (pw: BirthJustice12021)

A resource sheet for session 1

Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities and birth workers know precisely what solutions communities need for positive birth outcomes and culturally competent care, yet their work remains grossly underfunded. This does not have to be the case. We discovered what it means to build a vibrant, community-centered birth infrastructure led by BIPOC people. We also learned about improving birth outcomes through deep investment and movement-building.


Session 2: Our Bodies, Our Futures: Organizing for Birth Justice

Watch session 2 (pw: BirthJustice22021)

A resource sheet for session 2

We listened to the stories of organizers implementing innovative models, mentoring and training birth workers of color, and organizing to change policies and systemic practices that harm marginalized communities.


Session 3: From Silos to Synergy: Funding Maternal and Newborn Health Justice, and Equity

Watch session 3 (pw: BirthJustice32021)

A resource sheet for session 3

We concluded our series by identifying our unique role in the birth justice landscape. Movement partners like us need to intentionally eliminate structural oppression outside of our organizations while shifting power and resources to communities of color, recognizing that their capacity-building, power building, and leadership are critical to a more equitable and just society for all.



Special thanks to WDN’s Opportunity & Equality Impact Collective and co-hosts Funders for Reproductive EquityGroundswell Fund, Midwifery Funders Group, Resource GenerationSolidaireTara Health Foundation, and Tides

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