Emergent Fund

Funding the Frontlines

A collaboration between WDN, Solidaire, Threshold Foundation, and the Democracy Alliance, the Emergent Fund moves resources quickly to communities under threat—with no strings attached—so they can defend against injustice and develop visionary ideas that can transform our country.

Since the Emergent Fund was founded in 2016, we have moved more than $2 million in funding to over 100 groups across the country. Our 2018 grantees are doing power-building work that is responsive to the political moment and led by affected communities.


The Fund is governed by an Advisory Council made up of donors, donor advisors, and leaders who represent communities who are most affected by the new administration. A Nominations Network made up of key organizers across the country informs our work and recommends organizations for funding. Our Advisory Council reviews nominations and determines the distribution, amount, and timing of grants.

Three primary goals guide our work:

  • To center the expertise of the leaders from the communities we hoped to serve in both the decision-making and the funding;
  • To adapt and evolve our model in response to changing conditions and new insights from these communities; and
  • To support visionary, intersectional work that looks towards transformative collaborations, systemic change, and new solutions for the world that emerge through and beyond the current crisis.


Emergent Fund’s decision-makers and advisors are immigrant, Latinx, Muslim, Black, Native, Arab-American, LGBTQ, and women. The Council includes Chrissie Castro, Advance Native Political Leadership; Cristina Jiménez, United We Dream; Lateefah Simon, Akonadi Foundation; Charlene Sinclair, Groundswell Fund; Loan Tran, Southern Vision Alliance; and Shireen Zaman, Security & Rights Collaborative.


A Nominations Network made up of key organizers across the country informs our work and recommends organizations for funding. Members of the Nominations Network include Shalini Eddens, Urgent Action Fund; Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter Network; Gaby Pacheco, TheDream.Us; Van Jones, Dream Corps; and Rashad Robinson, Color of Change. Nominations from the public are also accepted on the Emergent Fund website.

Visit What We Fund to see a full list of funded projects.

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