Protest rally with a group of people holding up individual and banner signs saying "women for climate justice"

Safe & Sustainable Future

Elevating Women in the Climate Movement

Safe & Sustainable Future For All is an impact collective of WDN members, staff, and experts. We envision a healthy and sustainable planet for all, where all people and communities are equally protected from harm, including all forms of violence. A safe and sustainable future includes the right to clean air, water, land, and food, environmental justice, Just Transitions, and gender equality. Recognizing the centrality and intersection of women’s rights and environmental justice, we share a commitment to supporting women’s powerful leadership in this realm.

Strategic Framework

The pillars that uphold Safe & Sustainable Future’s work include:

A Green New Deal. With the belief that our climate justice policies need to center the voices of Indigenous communities and communities of color, we support efforts for a Green New Deal in the Gulf Coast South in addition to a Global Green New Deal.

Just Transition and Resilient Communities. We support organizations that promote the transition from an extractive economy to one that is sustainable and regenerative. Prioritizing Indigenous and women of color power building, we invest in communities around the world working toward food sovereignty, developing energy, agriculture, community and youth education, and more. 

Changing Narrative, Media, and Culture. We’ve seen firsthand how pervasive misinformation and disinformation have adversely impacted today’s political climate. Lifting up the voices of those most harmed by climate change is necessary to paint a clear picture of the climate justice movement and the effects that big polluters have on marginalized communities and our planet overall.

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