Protest rally with a group of people holding up individual and banner signs saying "women for climate justice"

Safe & Sustainable Future

Elevating Women in the Climate Movement

The Safe & Sustainable Future For All Impact Collective envisions a healthy and sustainable planet, where all people and communities are equally protected from harm, including all forms of violence. Recognizing the centrality and intersection of women’s rights and environmental justice, we share a commitment to supporting women’s powerful leadership in this realm. The pillars that uphold Safe & Sustainable’s work include:

  • The Green New Deal. Introducing Green New Deal-related legislation at the state and local level will continue to be central in Safe & Sustainable’s strategy. We also seek to mobilize grassroots power to pressure elected officials to support the Green New Deal’s goals, spearhead federal legislation that would implement parts of the Green New Deal agenda, and pressure the Biden administration to enact a series of executive actions related to climate, jobs, and justice.
  • Just Transition and Resilient Communities. We remain deeply committed to resourcing women-of-color-led organizations working towards a Just Transition to advance an anti-racist, regenerative, feminist economy. We are especially interested in supporting Indigenous-led efforts as systemic marginalization has created vast inequities in basic infrastructure, in addition to looking at how the climate crisis overlaps with other issues, such as immigrant rights, housing justice, women’s rights, racial justice, and Indigenous rights.
  • Changing Narrative, Media and Culture. S&S also wants to focus on advancing a feminist environmental justice perspective in confronting the root causes of climate change and suggesting solutions with real potential for enacting climate justice. We seek to support coordinated messaging for the movement.

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