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The June 24th 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Services Supreme Court decision overturned both Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, leaving abortion seekers and care providers in an environment fraught with legal ambiguity and dwindling resources.

Post-Dobbs, tens of millions of Americans have already been directly affected: 12 states have completely banned abortion and 15 states have restricted access severely.

The impacts are sweeping and so much is at stake.

The ABC Fund was established to ensure enduring abortion care across the United States by moving money rapidly to build critical and emergent infrastructure to protect and advance reproductive justice nationwide.

Join us as we bridge and fund fearlessly together.

The Approach.

The ABC Fund supports organizations that center reproductive justice in their mission, values, and work as they navigate this new rapidly changing landscape – recognizing immediate needs while also funding the infrastructure necessary to ensure nationwide abortion access in the long term. Our multifaceted approach:

Solves for the Moment

Supporting existing and emerging programs or strategies that respond to evolving challenges, in response to state or local needs.

Builds Capacity

Meeting newly identified and unmet infrastructure needs within organizations, including those related to building partnerships.

Engages the Experts

Securing short-term consulting expertise for organizations with needs around legal representation, digital or physical security, organizational reincorporation, or accounting – all critical to provide safe and effective service.

Supports People Power

Addressing critical and emerging needs in staffing, particularly related to technology, infrastructure, or geographic expansion.

Amplifies Connections

Enhancing information sharing and creating organizational hubs that better facilitate patient/client care.

Centers Essential Voices

Prioritizing support for organizations serving communities made even more vulnerable post-Dobbs and centering BIPOC, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, disabled, low-income, youth, and other marginalized communities in both their work and leadership.

Our Grantmakers.

ABC Fund’s Grantmaking Advisory Council is comprised of activists, movement leaders, abortion providers, funders, and attorneys from the reproductive rights, health, and justice movements. Using an open, grantee-centered common proposal and a nationwide nominations network, the Advisory Council identifies organizations and projects engaging in the most critical work delivering abortion care, defending abortion access, and advancing reproductive justice.

In its evaluation, the Grantmaking Advisory Council prioritizes projects & organizations that are:

  • Responsive to the moment – meeting immediate needs or critical gaps in the existing abortion access ecosystem and/or builds foundational systems and structures required for the medium and long-term.
  • Serving and informed by key communities that are made more vulnerable by Roe’s reversal.
  • Including BIPOC women, LGBTQIA+ folks, or youth in key leadership positions.
  • Prioritizing community determination and informed by those with lived experiences.
  • Implementing elements that might preclude traditional/institutional funding.
  • Established and trusted within their local or regional movement (and/or recommended by the ABC Fund Nominations Network).

This fund is not designed for larger, more well-resourced organizations nor intended to fund projects by those not already deeply involved in the movement for reproductive justice.

As an initiative of The Women Donors Network, the ABC Fund is well-positioned to respond to this anticipated crisis. WDN is an organization with long-standing investments in the abortion access space and extensive networks within the movements for reproductive health and justice. With a record of successful and effective rapid grantmaking, we move funds faster than traditional foundations and leverage our nationwide donor network for collective action. WDN was made for this moment, and we are ready.

Join us in closing gaps, building critical infrastructure, and laying the groundwork to ensure abortion is accessible now and always.

SEND A CHECK: The ABC Fund c/o Women Donors Network, PO Box 2930, San Francisco, CA 94126.

MAKE A GIFT OF STOCK: Contact Angela Bottum, CFO, at [email protected] or 415-814-1333 to contribute via stock or bank wire transfer.

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