Ayana Crawford (she/her)

Communications Manager

As WDN’s Communications Manager, Ayana strategizes our quarterly and weekly communications and authors blogs, creates web pages, clips videos and designs graphics for our newsletters, websites, and social media. She keeps her finger on the pulse of nonprofit comms and is always looking out for new “comms-piration”.

Ayana began her communications career at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, where she received a Master in Management with an Integrated Marketing Communications concentration. She was honored to be selected for a Fulbright Award to pursue these studies. Having started in a distinctly different field (environmental studies) and found her way to communications, she learns on her feet. 

Ayana was born and raised in the East Bay and lives in Oakland, California. She struggles to put down a good book, loves her sun time, and is always happy to exchange ideas and chat with folks who work in comms – especially if you’d like to talk the new tech you’re loving.

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