Lisa Allyn Hardy (she/her)

Accounting & Grants Manager

Lisa Allyn Hardy (she/her) joined WDN in November of 2016.

Lisa grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the central Appalachian Mountains in a small town of 291 residents. Looking beyond her rural roots motivated her to migrate west. Lisa graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English Literature with an emphasis in Film, Folklore, and Pop Culture. During her time at Berkeley, she facilitated a DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) course on Female Sexuality, a student-led course designed to create a safe space for students to learn about their bodies, explore their boundaries, desires, and experiences, and expand their understanding of power and privilege.

Upon graduation, she found a calling in the healthcare field and worked as a program and health center manager for nearly 15 years. Lisa is passionate about ensuring that women and teens have access to high quality, affordable reproductive health care in an environment that is safe, clean, and filled with compassion. She managed teen and adult reproductive health clinical services and community outreach programs, including Teen Wellness Programs (teen clinics staffed by teens for teens), Male Involvement Programs, Title X services, and a Planned Parenthood Health Center, which also offered Primary Care and Pediatric Services.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys being a Girl Scout Troop Leader, volunteering at her children’s schools, cooking, films, reading, and spending time with her family.

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