Suhad Babaa

Board Member

Suhad Babaa is a producer, news publisher, and the Executive Director of Just Vision, an organization that fills a media gap on Israel-Palestine through independent storytelling and strategic audience engagement. Suhad produced Boycott (2021) and executive produced Naila and the Uprising (2017). She is also the co-publisher of the award-winning Hebrew-language news site, Local Call. Additionally, Suhad helped lead the impact campaigns for Just Vision’s critically acclaimed film, Budrus (2009), which was recognized with the Doc Society Social Impact Award in 2012, as well as the Peabody award-winning documentary, My Neighbourhood (2012), which has since helped support a global campaign to save Sheikh Jarrah, the community that sits at the heart of the film.

Suhad’s work has been featured by institutions including TED, Tate Britain and the Nobel Women’s Initiative and highlighted in outlets including The New York Times, CNN, Yedioth Ahronoth, PBS, BBC, Channel 2 News (Israel), Ma’an News, Al Quds, The Forward and beyond. She is a Sundance Creative Producing Fellow, Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, and Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations. Suhad graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania where she received a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Suhad had the opportunity to come to know WDN first as a grantee, with WDN’s Middle East Peace Circle playing a pivotal role in Just Vision’s groundbreaking films Budrus and My Neighborhood — and she is delighted to join the WDN Board today during this crucial time in the world where who, how and what we invest in speaks volumes a lot about how we understand how power functions and what it takes to build toward a more equitable, sustainable and just world.

Suhad is based in Washington, DC where she lives with her beloved partner and splits her time between DC, NYC and Israel-Palestine. She has also lived and worked on the Korean Peninsula.

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