Short and Long-Term Funding for Abortion Access Post SB 8

Photo of a person speaking at a podium in front of the supreme court of the US. Banners banners are behind them. Their shirt reads "I had an abortion."

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On September 1, SB 8 went into effect, banning abortions after six weeks in the state of Texas. It not only bans abortion before many people know they’re pregnant, it allows any person, anywhere, to sue providers, abortion funds, and family members for any perceived violation of the ban. In the words of WDN member Tamara Kreinin: “Southerners, especially Black and Latina women, queer Southerners, young southerners and those who sit at the intersections of any of these identities will be the most deeply impacted. Abortion providers and funds are bracing for the final months of 2021 when access to care is expected to significantly plummet with upwards of 85% of patients in Texas unable to access abortion care in-state, and, those who are financially able, traveling outside the state for care.”

WDN has supported grantees at the forefront of this work, including If/When/HowAll* Above AllNational Women’s Law Center, and Texas for All Coalition, which is anchored by grantee Texas Freedom Network. As we continue to provide ongoing funding to support access to abortion services and legal and legislative advocacy, we believe it is critical to increase our support in several more states that may attempt to replicate SB 8.

WDN is planning to make an additional $750,000 in grants that will go to on-the-ground organizations providing clinic and patient support, self-managed abortion resources, and legal protection to pregnant people seeking abortions as well as legislative, legal advocacy, and narrative shift across the country, including grants to the following organizations (although each grant and organization listed below is subject to WDN’s standard due diligence process and the recipient and amount of each grant have not yet been finalized):

Direct clinic and patient support for self-managed or doctor-assisted abortions

Mariposa Fund: $50,000

Based in New Mexico, helps cover costs for undocumented people seeking abortion services.

Indigenous Women Rising: $50,000

Provides education, resources, advocacy, and maintains an abortion fund that supports folks in Texas.

Brigid Alliance: $50,000

Brigid Alliance covers costs for folks traveling to get abortions.

I Need an A: $50,000

A critical website providing information about abortion access in Texas and other states.

Buckle Bunnies Fund: $50,000

A mutual aid organization led by young, queer, sex worker, unpaid volunteers that provides support for Texans who need abortions.

ARC Southeast: $100,000

A regional abortion fund that supports patients in accessing abortion care in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Supporting self-managed abortion entities

Feminist Women’s Health Center: $50,000

Based in Georgia, they provide abortion services and engage the community via civic engagement, legislative advocacy, and leadership development.

Self-Managed Abortion Safe and Supported: $50,000

Provides vital information about self-managed abortion.

Legal protection and advocacy

The Lawyering Project: $100,000

A national legal advocacy organization that partners with local organizations to eliminate laws that limit the availability or affordability of abortion care, contribute to disparities in reproductive health outcomes, embody gender-based stereotypes, or discriminate against people based on their reproductive decisions.

Mississippi Abortion Access Coalition (MAAC): $100,000

With only one abortion provider and limited infrastructure in Mississippi, MAAC is a newly formed coalition working to improve access to abortion in the state.

Culture shift and new narratives

We Testify: $100,000

Storytellers who have been on the frontlines of this fight speaking at events for organizations all over the country advancing cultural change strategies for abortion rights.

We want a world where pregnant people can make the best decisions for themselves if they want to be pregnant or have a child. We are proud to support these organizations as they work to make abortion accessible, legal, and supported for those who need it, in the South and beyond!

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