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Renewable Human Power: 4 Climate Justice Orgs Funded by WDN’s Earth Circle

Having successfully raised $100,000 this year toward funding climate justice movement building and sustainable national policies is only part of WDN Earth Circle’s reason to celebrate this September. Funding will go to support four projects that center communities most impacted by fracking and other pollutants. Earthworks, Food & Water Watch, WildEarth Guardians, and Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) are giving WDN plenty more reason to celebrate exactly how meaningful this funding will be in the fight for Mother Earth and all who live here. Read More »

Veterans Exposed to Toxins Get Help After Publicity from Documentary Semper Fi: Always Faithful

Several changes have taken places as a result of attention to the issue following the release of the film. In February 2012, the Pentagon revised rules to allow women to serve in jobs putting them closer to the front lines, but not in all-male infantry, armor and special operations units. In May 2012, the Marine Corps announced plans to train women in its infantry officer school in order to determine additional combat-related jobs that could become available to women in the future. Read More »

Member Spotlight: Lynn Israel

Lynn became passionate about philanthropy at the age of nine, after leading her community in efforts to assist the family of a man who died attempting to intervene in a gas station robbery. The community rallied around her efforts, and Lynn realized "what one person could do for someone else," sparking a passion for philanthropy that has lasted a lifetime. Read More »

All Against the Haul Coalition Partners Celebrate Victory Over ExxonMobil

The WDN-supported All Against the Haul Coalition achieved a big victory last week when ExxonMobil and its partners withdrew their application for permits to transport oversized loads over public roads in Montana and Idaho to the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada. WDN's Earth Circle provided seed funding for the All Against the Haul coalition, and is proud to celebrate this victory with them. Read More »

Victory for All Against the Haul

A Montana District Court judge has just ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction to stop Imperial Oil – a subsidiary of Exxon Mobile – from moving forward with a project to create a major industrial corridor through Idaho and Montana to the Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada.
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