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Members Reflect on Recent Trip to Cuba

A group of 21 Women Donors Network members and staff traveled together this past December to Cuba in partnership with the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA). The purpose of the WDN delegation was to explore the dimensions of contemporary Cuba and experience what some call “The Revolution within the Revolution,” the journey taken by Cuban women — that is still underway — toward the goal of gender equality. Many trip participants wrote up their reflections, which we share, along with a series of beautiful photos taken by WDN member Jean Karotkin. Read More »

Christine Jacobs: Passion for Gender Justice Shaped by Early Experiences of Sexism

“I always knew I was different from the other girls at my school. I was good at math and loved science-y things,” said Christine. She resented others telling her she couldn’t do things because she was a woman. So when her counselor in high school recommended that she become a nurse or teacher, she demanded to take a vocational aptitude test. When the results from that came back recommending a career in nursing or teaching, she found out that she had been given the test for girls. Read More »

Veterans Exposed to Toxins Get Help After Publicity from Documentary Semper Fi: Always Faithful

Several changes have taken places as a result of attention to the issue following the release of the film. In February 2012, the Pentagon revised rules to allow women to serve in jobs putting them closer to the front lines, but not in all-male infantry, armor and special operations units. In May 2012, the Marine Corps announced plans to train women in its infantry officer school in order to determine additional combat-related jobs that could become available to women in the future. Read More »

Member Spotlight: Lynn Israel

Lynn became passionate about philanthropy at the age of nine, after leading her community in efforts to assist the family of a man who died attempting to intervene in a gas station robbery. The community rallied around her efforts, and Lynn realized "what one person could do for someone else," sparking a passion for philanthropy that has lasted a lifetime. Read More »

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