Members Reflect on Recent Trip to Cuba

A group of 21 Women Donors Network members and staff traveled together this past December to Cuba in partnership with the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA). The purpose of the WDN delegation was to explore the dimensions of contemporary Cuba and experience what some call “The Revolution within the Revolution,” the journey taken by Cuban women — that is still underway — toward the goal of gender equality. Many trip participants wrote up their reflections, which we share, along with a series of beautiful photos taken by WDN member Jean Karotkin. Read More »

WDN Members Visit ‘Celebration 2012’ to Learn About Native Alaskan Cultures

WDN members will be going to Alaska this June to attend Celebration 2012, a biennial celebration of Southeastern Alaska’s native cultures. Celebration started in 1982, and was born of the fears among native communities in Alaska that their cultural traditions were disappearing. They wanted to find a way to ensure that their traditional foods, songs, dances, and dress would be transmitted to subsequent generations. Today, Celebration is one of the state’s largest events, and was attended by more than 5,000 people in 2010. Read More »

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