The ABC Fund One Year After Dobbs

Graphic: the abortion bridge collaborative fund is written in maroon type over a gold background

One year after the Dobbs decision, a patchwork of laws and an uncertain future for abortion access continue to characterize post-Roe America. Service providers, movement leaders, and abortion defenders on the frontlines continue to push back against restrictive policies to deliver abortion care, defend abortion access, and advance reproductive justice nationwide.

The Abortion Bridge Collaborative (ABC) Fund moves money rapidly to this critical work. With the support of activated donors, the ABC Fund has raised and granted more than $3.65M to 25 organizations working in 14 states, D.C., and nationally. As the Fund also approaches its one-year anniversary, we’re clear on three things:

  1. The best decision-makers are those closest to the work. Our Grantmaking Advisory Council – with their issue expertise, deep relationships, and field proximity – enables us to fund nimbly, strategically, and in real-time alignment with the Movement. 
  2. Funders need to rethink their approach to truly meet the needs of the field. Given the shifting legal landscape, many funders are reassessing their appetite for risk – moving slowly or pulling back funding. We’re clear that the ABC Fund must take the opposite approach: prioritizing urgent needs and supporting projects least likely to get funded by others. Whether it’s keeping clinics open in West Alabama and New Mexico, or expanding virtual offerings via new technology to highly impacted communities, our funding has gone to four areas of work: Provision, Support, Information, and Protection.
  3. The need for bridge funding isn’t going away. The ABC Fund receives close to $2 Million in short and medium-term support requests each month. While we’re hopeful that our partners in philanthropy will continue their critical work for longer-term sustained support, organizations on the ground continue to demonstrate truly urgent needs for more rapid response funding. 

As the ABC Fund enters its second year, we know we have a responsibility to continue mobilizing resources toward this critical work that impacts us all. Join us in funding boldly by contributing now.

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